Destination: BARCELONA



Barcelona is a vibrant destination that stands out from other cities. Dynamic, historical, fashionable, cosmopolitan and cultural, Barcelona represents all of these things and much, much more…

Barcelona is a compact city that combines a warm, welcoming atmosphere with significant, cultural, social and commercial diversity.

Barcelona displays the classic characteristics of a Mediterranean city, with its warm, friendly people and abundance of leisure possibilities. The city also has a 5km sandy beach,  enabling visitors to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Barcelona enjoys a wonderful mild climate all year long, which makes it possible to organize outdoor events in spring, summer and autumn.

Barcelona boasts a fascinating history which can be felt throughout the city.

The city is a cultural melting pot – with opera, ballet, concerts, festivals, exhibitions and museums just waiting to be explored.


Renowned for its excellent cuisine, Barcelona has developed a reputation as a top gourmet destination.

Catalonia is famed for its innovative artists such as Picasso, Miró, Dalí and Gaudi – exceptional individuals whose influence can be seen throughout Barcelona.

Well connected
Barcelona has an excellent network of flights to numerous Spanish destinations and European cities. The international airport, located only 15 minutes from the city, is currently undergoing expansion.


 The city provides a variety of locations for meetings of any size. It also has a wide range of charming, historical venues – ideal for banquets, cocktails, exhibitions and product presentations. There is an abundance of unique hotels throughout the city.

Technology & Design

Barcelona is in the process of being the pilot for the ‘city of the future’. recently signed an agreement to add ‘state-of-the-art’ technology novelties to help people live the city, for instance

through their smartphones! Barcelona is also gloablly recognized as one of the top hubs for designers… All what is ‘made in Barcelona’ has a design component for beauty and functionality, making life and travel a unique experience!

A lifestyle
Barcelona has its own way of life that makes it a truly exceptional destination. People are pragmatical, combining high emotions with common sense. Barcelona helps you enjoying life and at the same time that offers plenty of business opportunities and challenges in many sectors… that’s why it attracts people from all over the world! Everything is possible in Barcelona… and since the olympic games in 1992 Barcelona has become more and more open and modern offering unparalleled experiences to its citizens and visitors… are you ready?


The airport of Barcelona, the second largest of Spain, offers great connections from all around the world. Direct and layover flights from Madrid land in Barcelona all day long. One of the advantatges of Barcelona airport is that it’s really close to the center of the city, at just 14 km

The city connected by a wide range of highways and roads. From the north is very easy to reach just 3 hours by car from the French border and it is 5 hours away  from the capital of Spain.

Barcelona Sants is the main station of the city and it has connections by high-speed trains with most of the European capitals.

Sea way
The Harbour of Barcelona is located in a very important and strategic location in the Mediterranean sea and has become the most important ‘rendez-vous’ for cruises (Up to 10 per day in summer time!). You can also reach the city and connect with major ports in France, Italy and north of Africa by Ferry. Special mention to the lines between Barcelona and the Balearic Islands, even with fast-ferries, and the connection between Barcelona – Sardinia (Porto Torres) – Rome!

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